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Good for the Practice & the Environment: Recycling Used X-Ray Systems

Kodak 8000 Pan

Guest post from Bryan Delano,  Renew Digital 

Whether you’re ready to upgrade your x-ray or cone beam system or dispose of a system that no longer serves your practice needs, there’s a solution that’s a “win” for you and the environment.  Instead of trashing your old system, or buying new, consider purchasing a pre-owned digital X-ray or cone beam unit, and recycling your old one. In so doing, you’ll be doing your part to keep equipment that still has a useful life out of our already overcrowded landfills, while you realize significant savings.

Purchasing pre-owned digital X-ray equipment makes it easier for practitioners still using film to make the move to digital technology while also eliminating the dangerous chemicals and waste associated with traditional imaging. In addition, used dental equipment is a more economical and ecologically-friendly way to equip a second practice location or to upgrade to cone beam technology. Since some pre-owned X-ray companies provide a “new purchase experience” with every sale, dentists can save up to 50% the price off of new imaging equipment, without sacrificing quality or service. These savings, combined with Section 179 tax incentives, make this an easy and environmentally-responsible decision.

Practitioners that choose to sell or trade their existing X-ray can often apply the purchase price to the down payment of their new imaging system, further reducing their initial capital investment. The fair market value of used dental X-ray and cone beam equipment, like that of used vehicles, depends on several factors such as the unit’s make and model, age, condition, and exposure count. Included hardware and components such as cephalometric capabilities and number of sensors can affect the system’s trade-in value as well.

There are many ways in which forward-thinking dental practices can benefit from either buying or selling their pre-owned imaging technologies. Implementing these strategies helps protect our environment while improving your bottom line.

About the author


Bryan Delano

Co-Founder, Renew Digital

Bryan Delano is a co-founder of Renew Digital, the leading provider of certified pre-owned dental X-ray systems. Renew Digital is the leading provider of certified pre-owned panoramic X-ray and cone beam 3D systems to dentists and dental specialists throughout the U.S. Visit or call 888.246.5611 to learn more.

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