Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | May 13, 2014

Green Your Work Out!

You exercise, do yoga or play sports to feel better right?  But are you sure you’re not exposing yourself to unnecessary toxins in your work out clothes and routines?

Follow these simple guidelines and bring more “happy” to your healthy habits:

  • GImagereen your gear. Look for gear that’s made with recycled materials, or natural alternatives to petroleum-based options.  Like yoga mats that end up in the compost bin, not the landfill, when they have lived out their useful life.
  • Say no to BPAs.  Staying hydrated is mission critical so choose a glass or stainless steel water bottle and know you’re not ingesting hormone-disrupting chemicals along with your H2O.
  • Check the labels.  Make sure your fitness wear matches your values.  Seek out brands using sustainably sourced material for fabrics, like bamboo, or which donate a portion of proceeds to charitable causes whose missions resonate with you.
  • Look for a greener gym. Is your gym among a growing number of green fitness centers using solar energy, serving local organic food, or purchasing carbon offsets?   Maybe it’s time to find one.


  1. really useful information fore more awareness towards Eco-friendly habits.. saving life energy sources has become a priority through years of harming nature unknowingly…..thanks for sharing..

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