The Eco-Dentistry Association provides education, standards & connection to support the success of our industry and the wellness lifestyle of the patients we serve.

For Green Dental Patients
Finding the right dental professional for your family is no longer simply matter of looking in the yellow pages, closing your eyes, and pointing.

Green dental professionals are on the frontlines of maintaining a lifestyle of wellness, and for many patients, choosing a professional that shares their concern for the planet is a top priority. Read more…

For Green Dental Practitioners
The EDA’s green dentistry educational programs, research and member resources help dental professionals reduce our environmental impact, cut costs, and attract the growing population of wellness lifestyle patients.

The EDA website provides a library of resources and is a clearinghouse for information that helps dental professionals green our practices, and our bottom line. Read more…

For Green Dental Industry
Changing economic times and concerns for the planet are prompting an inquiry into what’s required to not only survive, but to thrive in the future.

Green dentistry offers new opportunities for manufacturers, distributors, product innovators and industry educators to achieve success in the emerging model of wellness lifestyle dentistry that is the foundation of a thriving economic future for our industry.Read more…


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