Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | June 10, 2014

Are There Hidden Plastics in Your Life?

Plastic is ubiquitous.  It’s in everything from water bottles to blow-up mattresses to toothbrushes, and tragically much of it ends up floating in the garbage gyres in the world’s oceans.  Plastic is made from polluting petroleum, a nonrenewable resource, and the toxins from it can leach out and take residence in you, sometimes with severe health consequences.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are some tips to rid your life of plastics:stainlesslunchboxframed

Bottled Water- Drinking out of a BPA-free glass or stainless steel water bottle not only tastes better, but saves you from contributing to the mounting plastic in our oceans.

Takeout- Just say “no” to plastic leftover containers and keep a stock of reusable stainless steel or glass containers on hand for “doggie bags.”

Groceries- Shop at a co-op or bulk food store, buy fresh from farmers’ markets, and bring your own reusable containers and bags.  Even so-called BPA-free cans and paper milk cartons may contain petroleum-based plastic linings.

Health and Beauty Products- Many beauty supplies are made in small individual plastic packaging.  Opt for DIY or sustainably packaged bulk products.

Virgin Plastic Toys- Don’t buy them.  Whether it is a child’s fire engine or a gaming consul, consider that plastics sent to landfill may never degrade.

Cleaning- Trade your synthetic sponges and virgin-tree paper towels for cloths made of compostable cotton and natural cellulose.  Turn those old T-shirts into cleaning rags.

DIY- The next time you’re thinking about buying a plastic bottle of any kind think about whether it’s cheaper, better for the environment, and more fun for you to make it yourself in a reusable container.


  1. I have become painfully aware of all the toxins in plastics, and how much plastic I use in my life. I buy glass containers for storage instead of plastic. And my daughter uses a stainless steel thermos for school. There are many green options, besides consuming plastic goods. Thank you for sharing yours!

  2. nice to know about it. Good article to read

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