Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | June 3, 2014

Green Purchases Make Change

Where do you expect your water bottle, your lunchbox, your grocery bags and every other container you ever used will be in twenty years?  Hopefully you have answered “in working order” or “recycled into other forms” or “sustainably composting back to the earth”.


Think of yourself as a voter rather than a consumer.  Each time you purchase a product you have just voted for the values of that company and the climate of our future economy.  

Was it an impulsive buy such as a petroleum-based plastic bottle of water?  This will take you thirty seconds to drink and end up in our oceans and our food.  Did you think ahead and champion the company selling reusable bottles made of stainless steel that will last for a decade or more?  Your votes are not empty, be a steward of our environment and strengthen the green economy.

There is power in purchasing a reusable, compostable, carbon neutral product over an outdated polluting single-use container.  You are part of the more than 2 billion Aspirationalist consumers, turning the wheels of the burgeoning green economy looking to the future.

An international study of 21,000+ consumers concluded, “Positive Influencers: Nearly nine in ten Aspirational consumers say ‘I encourage others to buy from socially and environmentally responsible companies (88%)’”.

Together we can use our green buying power to impact economic and social change and on a ecological level prevent our oceans from ingesting plastic.  Support the sustainable green economy with your everyday purchases large and small.  By casting your green votes with every purchase the green alternative will blossom into a sustainable status quo.

Want to cast your vote for a greener future?  As a valued member of our EDA community, you can now save money on daily home and office supplies while decreasing your environmental foot print!  Join the EDA Green buying group and get great discounts on green office and cleaning products through a values aligned company,

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