Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | May 6, 2014

Tips for a Greener Mothers’ Day!

This is one holiday you absolutely can’t forget, even if it was invented to sell more greeting cards. But there is much you can do to honor the Mothers in your life, while treading lightly on our first Mother: Mother Earth.

Here are our top tips for a greener Mothers’ Day:


• Give her an experience. Most Mothers value time with their kids, no matter their age, so plan a nature hike or picnic, instead of buying her something she really doesn’t need. If she likes alone time, offer to make her a relaxing hot bath with natural bubble bath, her favorite magazine and a vegetable wax candle.

• Go organic. Organic flowers are free from pesticides, so choose ones that won’t expose your Mom to nasty chemicals when she takes in their fragrance.

• Shop in your garden. Pick a bunch of posies from your garden, or snip some
favorite herbs for Mom and arrange them
in a ceramic pot you already have. Tie a
reclaimed ribbon around it and you’re good to go!

• Fair trade chocolate is a sweet treat. If chocolates are her thing, seek out brands that are certified
fair trade and rest assured that the farmer that picked Mom’s chocolate was paid a fair wage.

• Ditch the pre-made card. Hand made Mothers’ Day cards say so much more than store bought varieties. Include a picture of you with Mom and you’ll be sure to bring a smile to her face.

• Make a donation in her honor. Sponsor an orphaned baby elephant or “adopt” an injured dolphin and show Mom what a good person she raised.

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