Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | April 2, 2014

Happy Earth Month! It All Adds Up

While we know we have to do our part to help the environment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and just do nothing.  Step out of apathy and follow these top ten tips of easy steps we can all take to start this Earth Month off on the right foot.

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Happy Earth Month!

  • Bring it: Your reusable water bottle that is.  According to the EPA, only about 9% of our plastic waste is recycled. Great reusable options made from BPA-free glass and stainless steel are readily available.
  • Walk it: Heavens knows we could all use a little more exercise.  Walking in the neighborhoods where we live yields benefits beyond the waistline: you just meet a nice neighbor or find a fresh lemon growing on a tree.
  • Refuse it: Next time a server offers you a paper napkin you don’t really need or a package of ketchup you know you aren’t going to use, just say “no” and your footprint will be just a little lighter.
  •  Ride it: It’s spring and bike riding can be a great way to do your local errands, or to spend an afternoon with family.  It’s fun and totally non-polluting.
  • Reuse it: Instead of packing your lunch in a disposable bag, pick up a cool reusable lunch bag or stainless steel tin set and food will stay just as fresh.
  • Swap it:  When seasons change so do our wardrobes, so instead of buying new, organize a clothing swap with friends and shop in each other’s closets.
  • Fix it: Our landfills are already overflowing with stuff, some of which could be repaired instead of tossed.  There’s no reason to throw out that shirt that just needs a new button sewn on, or to get rid of headphones that just need a new “ear bud”.
  • Make it: At home.  Prepare just one additional meal at home this month instead of doing take out.  This will help reduce the more than 100 million plastic disposable utensils tossed in the US each year.
  •  Repurpose it: Instead of getting rid of that old bookcase, consider painting it and giving it a new life, keeping it out of landfill. 
  •  Grow it: This is a great time of year to plant a few seedlings instead of making a trip to the market.  Even if you’ve only got room for a few small pots, try growing fresh herbs.  You’ll help your wallet and the Earth.

There are so many opportunities to make little changes that can add up to a lot of impact.  Start wherever you are and make this Earth Month count!



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