Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | March 11, 2014

Top Ways to Green Your Spring Cleaning!

ImageWhew!  We made it through this winter, finally.  As the days grow longer and the Sun brightly shines, we start to notice those dirty baseboards and disorganized closets.  Which can only mean one thing: it’s time for Spring Cleaning!

Here are our top tips to keep it clean and green this Spring:

  • Open Wide.  Windows that is.  Letting in fresh air and using sunlight to air out musty, closed up spaces is both free and effective.
  • Creatively Reuse. Before tossing out an old bookcase or your collection of glass jars, think about re-purposing items to give them a second life, like using see-through jars to organize art or hardware supplies.
  • Cut it up.  Why buy paper towels or cleaning rags, when we’re sure you’ve got a collection of old t-shirts and socks lying around that could make perfect clean up rags.
  • DIY. While there are many wonderful green, cleaning products on the market now, sometimes it’s best and most cost-effective to make your own.  Distilled vinegar is an amazing cleaner and toothpaste makes a great stain remover.
  • Break it down. Deciding to thoroughly clean your whole living space in one weekend can be daunting.  Make a plan to address one room, or even one area in a room, like bedroom closets, each cleaning day.
  • Pass it on.  One person’s trash is another’s treasure.  Consider donating items you can’t or don’t use any longer to a homeless shelter or church.
  • Be water smart.  Don’t leave the water running when cleaning; instead, fill a sink or bucket with water and dip your rags in as you go.
  • Sort it out.  When approaching a room, make several piles, one for stuff you want to keep, one for items that can be donated, one for recyclables, and another, hopefully your smallest pile, for items that will end up in landfill.


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