Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | January 28, 2014

Why See a Green Dentist?

Hey, we’ve all got teeth, right?  But why consider a green dentist?  And what’s green dentistry anyway?

Here’s all you need to know:

Man and woman happy

  1. Digital everything!  That means the latest in high-tech equipment, supplies and processes.  Text message appointment confirmations?  Check. E-mail receipts?  Check.  Latest and greatest techniques?  Check.
  2. Digital x-rays.  Green dental offices prefer digital x-rays because they expose you to 75 to 90% LESS radiation, and use no toxic x-ray development chemicals or lead foils.  Better for you AND the Earth.
  3. Whole Body Health.  You’re not just a tooth walking through the door and green dentists are committed to helping you achieve optimal, overall well-being.
  4. Forget the toxics.  Green dental offices seek out materials and processes that are as free from toxins as possible.  So they choose high-tech steam sterilization for instruments, not chemicals, and dental materials that work with your body.
  5. Fewer disposables.  Green dental offices choose reusable items wherever possible, and do their best to reduce trash that’s sent to our over-flowing landfills.  Look for clinicians to wear lab coats made of fabric, not paper from our depleting forests.
  6. Responsible Business Practices.  Green dental offices take extra steps to make sure materials are properly recycled, water isn’t wasted, and energy is conserved.

Find one of our green dentist members and see for yourself how good oral health and planetary stewardship is a match made in heaven.

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