Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | December 12, 2013

Dental Floss: Top 10 Handy Uses for the Holidays!

Everyone knows that flossing your teeth is an essential part of the daily oral wellness routine.  But did you know that floss has a plethora of other uses, especially around the house this holiday season?  Here are our favorites:


  1. Ornament String: Yep, use it to hang Mary-Lou’s homemade Santa right on the tree.
  2. Thread:  The holidays mean craft projects, so think of dental floss as the perfect heavy weight thread for buttons and bows.
  3. Tree-trimming Garland String: Pop some popcorn and start decorating with style.
  4. Shoelace Replacement: Winter means wet boots and floss makes a great emergency shoelace.
  5. Beading String:  If you’re into making homemade beaded necklaces, earrings or bracelets for gifts, try floss as your base.
  6. Cake Cutter:  Floss does a beautiful job making clean, smooth slices of cake for your holiday parties.  Just be sure to use a piece that exceeds the width of the cake you’re cutting.
  7. Clothesline: Holiday visitors often need a place to dry personal items and dental floss makes a simple temporary clothesline.
  8. Cookie Remover:  Want an easy way to slide warm cookies off a tray? Try floss.
  9. Preservation of Old Photos:  Removing old photos from degraded albums can be risky, but slide floss between the picture and the page it’s glued to, and Great-Grandma’s photo will stay intact.
  10. Plant Support: If the Poinsettia is getting droopy, tie the droopy stems together with floss.

Do you have other favorite uses for dental floss?  Share!  And remember to choose eco-friendly floss brands like Radius, Toms of Maine, and Eco-Dent  and to have enough on hand so that the whole family stays in the happy habit of flossing every day.


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