Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | February 15, 2013

Ready to Give Your Practice Marketing Some Teeth? Make it Social!

Take a bite out of social mediaUnderstanding how to effectively market your dental practice is critical to the long term success of the practice.  In today’s on-line world, we’re not just talking about any old marketing strategy—we’re talking about a digital marketing strategy. Your patients are not only spending more and more time on-line, but are using social media to help them make purchasing decisions about everything.

There were over 245 million internet users in the United States in 2012 and the average time spent online ranged from 30-40 hours per week (that’s a full time job!).

And guess what? Each one of them has teeth. 

Now is the time for social media to become the core of your marketing strategy, and we’ve got the experts to help you get there. This May at the industry’s first-ever Green Dentistry Conference, we’ve invited the top minds in social media for dentists to share their expertise and help you leverage the opportunities presented by social media marketing. If you’re ready to stand out in your community as the go-to provider of high-tech, wellness based dentistry then you won’t want to miss this.

Social Media Presentation PAnel

Here at the EDA we’re particularly excited about how social media supports your ability to meaningfully connect with patients. It’s instant, effective, and allows you to be authentic and to share your unique practice personality. And it’s based on relating (get it, social marketing), so it’s perfectly suited for a relationship-based industry like dentistry. Oh, and did we mention it saves precious resources by eliminating costly and wasteful direct mail and outdated ads in the yellow pages?

It’s time you gave your practice marketing the jump start it needs.  We hope to see you in Sundance!

Register Now for the industry’s first Green Dentistry Conference: May 3-4, 2013

For questions regarding the conference or membership with the Eco-Dentistry Association, contact or call 510-841-1229 today!

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