Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | October 4, 2012

Eat Your Vegetables!

From EDA Co-Founder, Ina Pockrass

When I was a kid, I went to great lengths to avoid eating broccoli, or anything green for that matter.  The mere smell  of Brussels sprouts cooking made me quake with fear, as I knew my grandmother wouldn’t let me leave the table until my plate was clean.

But then was then and now is now.  Now, I love just about every vegetable under the sun (other than peppers and okra).  Good thing.  Who knew that cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts can significantly reduce the risk of developing oral and other cancers?

A recent study out of Italy concludes just that.  Read it here: Annals of Oncology (August 2012, Vol. 23:8, pp. 2198- 2203.)  The numbers are quite astounding and should make  us all   run for the farmer’s market to stock up on these miracle foods. The study showed that by eating these vegetables  just once a week, the risk of developing oral cancer was reduced by 17%, esophageal cancer by 28%, colorectal cancer by 17%, breast cancer by 17%, and kidney cancer by 32%.

So lucky for me that I now crave a perfectly roasted Brussels sprout, bathed in organic olive oil, surrounded by fall’s sweet onions, and topped with pine nuts.  Check out a couple of these recipes for more inspiration and make sure you’re getting cruciferous vegetables into your tummy at least once a week.  And also make sure you’re keeping your regular dental check-ups and be grateful when your clinician does an oral cancer screening with one of the great high-tech tools now available, like Velscope.  These simple steps just might save your life!

Try one of these easy and delicious recipes:


  1. Great post! Hope you don’t mind, I shared on my practice’s Facebook wall. (And even as an adult, I need a little Parmesan to make eating broccoli worth it.)

    • Dr. Jai, we’re so glad you enjoyed and please feel free to spread the word! Parmesan sounds like an excellent idea 🙂
      We love your blog post “Eating Your Way to Healthy Teeth and Gums”!

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