Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | February 29, 2012

Be The “Go To” Green Dentist in Your Area

Last night’s Madow Powerhouse Call was packed with excellent tips for how to be the “Go To Dentist” in your area. If you aren’t familiar with the Madow Brothers, or the Powerhouse Membership, we highly encourage you to check them out!

In the meantime, here are ways we recommend EDA members be the “go to” dentist in your area:

(1)   Five star client service. It’s a given. No matter how much marketing you do, if you treat people poorly and hurt them, they won’t come back and they won’t refer you to friends! But a “go to” practice goes beyond just not hurting people! Train your team to provide 5-star client service.

(2)   Promote your green-ness. Over a million Americans choose products and services based on their eco-friendly attributes. Think they won’t switch to a green dentist? Think again! Promote your EDA Membership, and your participation as a  “Steward of Good Health and a Healthy PlanetTM.”  At a minimum:

  1. Put the EDA Member logo front and center on your website
  2. Post the EDA Member Pledge to your website, and in a frame in your practice
  3. Update your EDA Member profile with office photos, blogs, and special offers

(3)   Network with like-minded green businesses. Does your area have a green business program? If so, they’ll have a directory of all the green businesses in your area. Look for green business networking associations – many areas have a Sustainable Business Alliance, or other green business networking association. Market your practice to these businesses, and their employees!

(4)   Market everywhere, all the time. Definitely give your team business cards – the Madows have great suggestions for how to leverage those! But also provide them with T-Shirts with your logo and an office tag-line, if you have one, your phone number and your website. Be sure it says you’re eco-friendly! Soon your team will be promoting your practice at the gym, the yoga studio, the grocery store, the dog park, and everywhere they go!

(5)   Consider offering a special rate to employees of like-minded businesses in your area – a special New Client price, whitening specials, 10% off on their restorative work. You’ll not only see the employees of the company, but their family members and friends, too. Some companies will even include your business card or office brochure in their new hire packets!

(6)   The Madows recommend participating in charity community dentistry programs, like Team Smile, which we think is awesome. But you may also want to take a break from the dental chair, and attend charity events of organizations your team likes to support, like the Rainforest Action Network, or an organization that’s important to one of your top clients. Sign on as sponsors to a Crab Feed or special event, providing eco-friendly toothbrushes and your business card to every event attendee. Purchase a table at the event and invite your top clients to join you.

(7)   Reviews. Review websites are a must. If you’ve integrated the iPad at check –out, getting reviews is even easier. As soon as the patient has signed their credit card payment on the iPad, your staff person can ask, “Do you have two minutes to take a survey about your experience today?” as she hands them back the iPad with your review site already up and ready. If your front office staff person asks every patient that checks out, we bet you’ll see at least 3-5 new reviews daily!

Are you doing something above and beyond to be the go-to dentist in your area? Leave a comment and let us know!

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