Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | November 3, 2011

The Lifetime Value of Green Dental Clients: Your Marketing Army

After attending a Madow Brothers’ event in San Francisco last quarter, we  left loving their practical approach and easy-to-follow  recommendations because they so closely match what we advise our own EDA Member offices. Apparently great minds do think alike!

One of the most radical concepts the Madow Brothers introduced was eliminating the “comprehensive dentistry” consultation at the heart of many new client appointments.  In these consultations, the patient is presented with a laundry list of everything that’s wrong with their mouth and a monstrous treatment plan promising to transform their smile into one that belongs in a toothpaste commercial.  

Instead, both we and the Madow brothers agree that the most important goal is to keep a client in the practice, and to do nothing that scares them away or makes them angry.  Or, as we like to say, “Don’t get de-Friended” by your clients.

After all, regardless of what a client’s “lifetime value” turns out to be, if they are in your practice for their lifetime, your practice will reap the benefits of this relationship. You can’t ask for much more. Or can you?

Consider that the lifetime value of a patient doesn’t lie in the cost of their dental treatment over the course of a lifetime.  The value lies in every time they affirmatively mention you or your practice in writing or through word of mouth.

When a green dental patient considers you their dentist, and sings your praises to friends, family and colleagues, you receive value whether or not they are engaged in the full mouth reconstruction of your (err, we mean their) dreams.

Green dental patients tend to be highly relationship-oriented and extremely social. They are the Facebookers, the Twitterers, the Google-Plussers.  They will use these methods to recommend a business that matches their values and provides excellent service because they know that others in their network share those same values and will benefit.  And since everyone has teeth and will at some point need a dentist, don’t you want them talking about you?

Your practice won’t just have a marketing “arm” it will have a marketing “army!”

We’re excited to attend this years’ TBSE conference in Las Vegas, hosted by the Madows.  If your practice is not already registered, we encourage you to register today!  Let us know if you’re going! We’re sending a team of green dental professionals to tweet, post and blog from TBSE so we can share our learning with the EDA community!

Tune into our Twitter account (@ecodentistry) on November 11th- 12th and follow along the hashtags #TBSE #EDA as we live tweet from the event! We’ll share photos, tips and more.

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