Posted by: Transform Limiting Beliefs | October 21, 2011

From the Co-Founder: Eco-Props to AAA

A Cold Day in Hell?

I never thought I’d be giving a shout out to AAA, the organization devoted to driving, for their environmental leadership.  But I’ve got to! 

In the most recent issue of their magazine, AAA President Paul Gaffney points out:

  • Everyone of us has to do our part and “small steps count”, like recycling all of our paper waste;
  • Big steps count too, like investing in hybrid or electric cars, and even better, like bicycling whenever possible and increasing use of public transportation;
  • Recycling old motor oil “keeps used oil out of our drinking water, off beaches, and away from wildlife”;
  • AAA’s “Battery Roundup” program provides free battery recycling, keeping millions of pounds of lead and hundreds of thousands of gallons of sulfuric acid out of landfill (;
  • Old vehicle tires can find a second life as playground mats, garden mulch and highway paving.

These are all great ideas!  And wait, there’s more: Paul invites you to share your innovative ideas for helping the earth by sending him a personal email at  Watch your inbox, Paul!

We know the “go green” message is really gaining traction (forgive the pun) when organizations like AAA recognize that we must all do our part for the earth, by taking both big and small actions.  It will take the kind of extraordinary leadership embodied by Mr. Gaffney to ensure our future.  Knowing he is at the helm, I feel even better about having that AAA emergency card in my wallet.

Be Well,

Ina Pockrass

EDA Co-Founder

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